Our values

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel and SantaPark Arctic World share the same set of cherished values: listening to our true inner elf self, sharing and caring, and a deep awareness and respect for traditions, culture and locality.

Inner Elf

We genuinely believe in Santa Claus, and our most intrinsic reward is knowing we can put smiles on people’s faces. We are enthusiastic about new ideas and we believe in always being able to learn something new, learning about how our guests experience the world.

Sharing & Caring

We do charity work both locally and internationally. We help and encourage one another and grow as individuals, as a community and attempt to create positive and profitable results in everything we do.


Local traditions and raw materials are strongly present in our activities, work and everyday life. We believe in pioneering and presenting an authentic experience that has been shaped through history.


Crossing the Arctic Circle is something that is part of our daily lives. We are strongly committed to Rovaniemi, guaranteeing we know how to let others experience the very best parts of Lapland – pure nature, authentic culture and all the magical natural phenomena we experience every day of our lives.