We Grow from the Forest

When we were children, we used to play in the forest and make käpylehmäs – or pine cone piggies as the Englishmen call them. It was that special connection to the nature that inspired us to create the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. The deep respect for the nature and our heritage is a fundamental principle in promoting sustainability in all of our operations and activities. We strive to protect the fragile Arctic nature by making sure our everyday actions help preserve it to the generations to come. In June 2019, we were awarded the Green Key eco-label as the first private hotel in Finnish Lapland.

“Arctic TreeHouse Hotel from Rovaniemi has been awarded the Green Key eco-label as the first private hotel in Finnish Lapland. The prestigious label is granted to companies that fulfil the comprehensive environmental criteria that cover matters such as energy efficiency, recycling and the raising of environmental awareness. The worldwide program includes over 3 000 tourism operators from 57 countries.”

Ecological Sustainability

The ecological sustainability of materials and technologies is held in high regard at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. All the buildings are made from Finnish wood, which is a traditional, sustainable and renewable material. In order to avoid unnecessary logging and wearing out of the forest floor, the accommodation units were ready-built elsewhere and lifted onto the poles they stand on. The green roofs help manage the urban runoff and bring the building’s footprint’s worth of vegetation back to the construction site. The wood on the interior surfaces ensures a comfortable environment, healthy indoor air and pleasant acoustics.

As a family company, we wish to pass down a better environment for our children. Each year, we personally plant 5 000 – 10 000 new seedlings to the surrounding forests. We tirelessly focus on the size of our carbon footprint by measuring and improving the sustainable energy and water saving solutions, in parallel with the effective managing of our waste sorting and the reduction of our waste production. Green energy has been a natural choice for us. We utilize geothermal energy, and we are a pioneering hotel in Finland at the utilization of solar thermal energy.

In the Arctic environment, we strive to reduce our food waste. Our menus change according to season, and they include the best of the local ingredients. Our goal is to have 65% of our main ingredients locally produced. We enhance ecological awareness with our shareholders and partners, and we work with a carefully selected network of subcontractors who share our values.

We aspire our hotel team to be a true role model and seamlessly transmit our passion for green values to every guest on a daily basis.