Christmas Fairytale

Step into your very own Christmas fairytale! Hop on a journey and discover the secrets of the Elves, have an unforgettable meeting with Santa Claus, and take part in fun holiday activities at Santa Claus Secret Forest. The unique surroundings and our enchanting programs, conducted with uncompromising expertise and world-renowned Christmas know-how, are guaranteed to delight even guests with the highest standards.

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Joulukka Christmas Fairytale Private Meeting with Santa Claus

Private meeting with Santa Claus

If you explore the Secret Forest with an open heart, you might come to find yourself in Santa’s Command Center, a magical place that holds many Christmas secrets to be told. The Elves may just share some of them with you, so listen and observe carefully as they show you around. And of course, your visit to the heart of Christmas will be highlighted by your very own private meeting with Santa Claus himself!
Duration: 2 hours (including transportation)
Price: 1290 € / 1-5 persons
Additional participant: 64 € / person

Private Santa's Toy Factory Experience

Far away from the busy city lights, filled with Christmas jingle and cheer, lies Santa's special Toy Factory. Only the wisest of the Forest Elves know its secret location, hidden deep in the arctic forest. This is where the Elves spend their jolly days creating the world's most desired toys, mixing wood and paint with Christmas magic. Join this unforgettable adventure to discover the secrets of the Toy Factory and meet the magical keeper of the forest - Santa Claus! Duration: 3 hours (including transportation) Price: 1920 € / 1-10 persons Additional participant: 192 € / adult, 152 € / child (2-12 years old), Children under 2 years old: Free

Dream of Joulukka

Dream of Joulukka

Our jolly Professor Elves are excited to share some of the most essential Elf skills with you, so take part in their Santa’s Helpers Training and earn your very own Elf diploma. The magical Fairytale Path will then lead you to one of the best-kept Christmas secrets of all time: Santa’s special Command Center. And remember to hold on to your place on the Nice list, as you might just get to meet Santa Claus himself!
Duration: 3 hours (including transportation)
Price: 1850€ / 1-10 persons
Additional participant: 185 € / adult, 145 € / child (2-12 years old), Children under 2 years old: Free

Gingerbread Master Class with Santa Claus

Gingerbread Masterclass

Enter the enchanting Christmas fairytale you read about in stories when you were a child. Let the Elves lead you to Santa’s secret Forest Hut, where the air smells of Christmas treats and the walls are bursting with Elf secrets to be told. Take part in the masterclass of building and decorating the smallest gingerbread house you have ever seen, and enjoy the company of Elves as you sip on a cup of hot cocoa by the fire. And soon you might just hear the footsteps of the jolly man himself!
Duration: 2.5 hours (including transportation)
Availability: 29 November 2019 - 5 January 2020
Price: 1090 € / 1-5 persons
Additional participant: 57 € / person