Christmas Fairytale

Let us take You to Santa Claus Secret Forest, a special place where you can experience the true magic of Christmas, discover the secrets of the elves and have an unforgettable meeting with Santa Claus – with just your family and away from the crowds. Choose your favorite program and contact us for enquiries
tel. +358 505 176 909

Exclusive private meeting with Santa

Thinking of arranging something special for your family? Let us take You for a private visit to Santa’s special place in the forest. One of his elves will help you explore it and finally find your way to the hidden Christmas Command Centre where the elves are busy preparing for Christmas. And of course you will have an exclusive private meeting with the old man himself. Available upon request, duration approx. 2 hours Price (including transportation): 1250 € family (max. 5 persons), extra person: 62 €/ person

Private Gingerbread Masterclass with Santa Claus

Enter an enchanting Christmas fairytale you read about when you were a child. The oldest elves will lead the way to a forest hut, where the scent of gingerbread cookies fills the air. Enjoy the company of elves as you learn to decorate the smallest gingerbread house you have ever seen, then spend unforgettable moments with Santa Claus. Available on request between 1.12.2017 and 13.1.2018, duration 2.5 hours Price (including transportation): 920 eur/family (max. 5 persons), extra person: 50 eur/ person Price includes: Return transfer, private program , hot drink by the fireplace, present from Santa Claus for every child

Elf Bedtime Stories under the Northern Lights

We invite you to join the elves in their favorite evening activity – reading Christmas stories. After a journey through the Arctic Forest it is time for a bedtime story and a tasty snack by the fire. Put modern technology away, snuggle up in warm blankets and let the Christmas fairytales you loved as a child become reality. Available on request between Dec 1st 2017 and Jan 31st 2018, duration2 hours Price for this program privately (including transportation): 890 €/max. 10 persons, extra persons 89 €/adult, 69 €/child (2-12 years old), children under 2 years old – free

Dream of Joulukka

Come and discover how Elves spend their days in Santa Claus Secret Forest. They will take you to Elf School and after graduating from the course, you’ll get to walk the Fairytale Path leading to the best kept secret of the Elves: Santa´s Secret Command Center. If you are really good, you’ll get to visit the Command Center and meet Santa Claus himself! Duration 3 hours (including transportation) Price for this program privately 1790 €/max. 10 persons, Price includes program, return transfer, hot drinks by open fire and present from Santa Claus for every child

Lappish Dinner with Santa Claus

Experience a dinner with Santa Claus and his elves in a traditional Lappish hut deep in the Arctic Forest. Santa Claus will wish you welcome under the starry sky or maybe even Northern Lights, and make a few precious memories and pictures outside. Inside the hut, the elves have prepared an unforgettable meal. Try to guess the ingredients of traditional Lappish dishes while the elves share elfish secrets with you..and maybe a few cooking recipes as well. Available: on request between Dec 1st 2017 and Jan 31st 2018, duration: 3 hours. The price includes private dinner, program and return transportation Price 1790 €/max. 10 persons

Traditions of Christmas

Welcome to the cozy home of the elves, where you will learn about elfish Christmas traditions. Bake authentic Christmas pastries together with the elves, try your handicrafts skills at the toy factory and make a decoration for your home Christmas tree. For many the highlight of the visit is wandering in the frosty forest with the elves, looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Available: on request between Dec 1st 2017 and Jan 31st 2018 Price: 1290 €/max. 10 persons The price includes private return transportation and program, and Christmas rice porridge with hot juice