Wellbeing August

On this August, we will concentrate on wellbeing and arctic happiness, that rises from the northern nature. We are delighted to offer our guests complimentary, guided activities included to the room rate.  

We wanted to pamper our guests during the beautiful August 2023 by offering complimentary Wellbeing-program for bookings between 1.-31. August 2023. All Tai chi, forest walks and – bathings are included to the room rate for the hotel guests.

Wellbeing August Schedule

Tai chi Mindfulness morning walk Tai Chi Mindfulness morning walk Tai chi Midnfulness morning walk
Nordic Walk to Laavu Introduction to forest bathing Nordic Walk to Laavu  Introduction to forest bathing Nordic Walk to Laavu  Introduction to forest bathing


The activities are held outside with weather permitted. Little and fresh summer rain will give a fresh touch for the activity. In pouring rain activity will be cancelled or changed to indoors.

The meeting point for the programs is the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel Guest Service Lounge.

Tai Chi
Start your day with a gentle initiation to Tai Chi. This guided activity is a gentle form of exercise that helps to improve balance, flexibility and overall well-being. Our class is easy to follow and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Join us for a peaceful and energizing start to your day.
Includes: Tea or juice in Rakas
Mindfulness morning walk
Experience a peacful start to your day with our Mindfulness Morning Walk. Led by an experienced guide, this gentle walk through the natural surroundings is designed to help you connect with the present moment. Suitable for all levels, this activity is the perfect way to set a positive tone for your day.
Includes: Tea or juice in Rakas
Nordic Walk to the Laavu
Experience the beauty of Syväsenvaara with our evening Nordic Walk. Led by an expert guide, this low-impact exercise engages your upper body while walking, improving your overall fitness. Suitable for all levels, this unforgettable activity is a must-try during your stay at our hotel.
Includes: Hot juice and marshmellow to roast by the laavu
Introduction to forest bathing
Experience the healing benefits of nature with our Introduction to Forest Bathing. Led by an expert guide, this immersive activity takes you on a mindful journey through the forest, connecting you with nature abd helping to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Suitable for all levels, escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and embrace the tranquility of the forest.
Includes: Tea or juice in Rakas