Santa Claus Secret Forest for professionals

Santa Claus Secret Forest

Santa Claus Secret Forest – Joulukka is an exclusive destination where you can experience the magic of Christmas either privately or in small groups. The unique surroundings of the Lappish forest, our enchanting programs full of Christmas magic and surprises, conducted specially for you and your nearest and dearest with a touch of local traditions, are guaranteed to delight guests with the highest standards – kids and adults alike.

Come to visit us at Santa Claus Secret Forest – Joulukka and enjoy an unforgettable private meeting with Santa Claus, discover the secrets of the real elves and take part in fun holiday activities!


Our top secret locations


Santa’s Forest Hut

Deep in the wintery forest full of snow and Christmas magic, behind thousands of pine trees and frozen lakes located a very special Santa’s Forest Hut. A very quiet Santa’s hideaway, where he spends his free moments reading letters by a cozy fireplace. Elves come to join him to practice art of building and decorating world’s smallest and cutest gingerbread houses and share Christmas stories. Come and join elves for an exciting adventure of finding the Forest Hut, practicing gingerbread house making skills and enjoy your magical moments with Santa Claus!



Santa’s Command Centre

Come and join our jolly elves in discovering the biggest elf secret of the Santa’s Secret Forest. If you explore it with an open heart full of kindness, you might find yourself in Santa’s Command Center, a special place that holds a lot of Christmas secrets! The elves will share just some of them with you, so remember to listen carefully and observe as they show you around and explain how the level of kindness in the world is measured, how they keep track of each other’s movements around the world, and how the special post system works with the help of elf magic. And of course, your visit to the heart of Christmas will be highlighted by your special meeting with Santa Claus himself!



Santa’s Toy Factory

If you listen very carefully with your elf ears through the silence of the forest – you may hear some cracking and knocking sounds coming from not far away. If you follow the sound of all the cheer bustle and hustle to find the door of the Santa’s Toy Factory – you will discover some pure elf magic inside! This is the place where forest elves are mixing wood, paint, and Christmas magic to get the best toys for all the kind ones around the world. Follow your new friends into the depths of the Toy Factory and reveal the secret location of a big man himself – Santa Claus has a special hidden room, that only the kindest ones can find!

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