Architecture and design

Studio Puisto was commissioned for the architectural design of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel and was incorporated in the Wallpaper* magazine’s Architects’ Directory in 2016. The hotel concept is strongly influenced by the sensitive nature of the Arctic, the fairytale world of SantaPark Arctic World and rich Lappish culture. Instead of constructing a large hotel building, the designers placed individual accommodation units on a steep natural hillside, the ambiance of which perfectly reflects the character of the destination and brings the Arctic nature closer to its guests.


Protecting the nature from the very beginning

The accommodation units have been built indoors, down to the internal surfaces and fixed furnishings and lifted on the pillars straight from the truck. In this way, the strain on the fragile Arctic nature is minimised. Only connections to the infrastructure network and the installation of the floor-to-ceiling window have been done on site.

Nature view from the panoramic window of the suite

In the heart of the forest

Innovative architecture and meticulously considered details provide guests the experience of staying overnight in the heart of the forest in an unforgettable and extremely comfortable way. The northern-facing wall is made of glass, a panoramic window offering spectacular views of the surrounding forest and Arctic skies. Lighting in the hotel area has been designed to ensure as little as possible artificial light pollution disturbs viewing the Northern Lights and other phenomena appearing in the northern skies, while still providing sufficient light to make it safe to move around the area.

A couple enjoying romantic atmosphere at Rakas Restaurant in Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Warmth and atmosphere

The main building, housing the reception and restaurant, is shaped like a five-pointed snowflake. The entrance to the building takes you directly to the tall reception area, with the centrepiece being an impressive fireplace. The entire building is visible from the reception at a single glance. Despite its spacious, open-plan design, the partitions, materials and colours make the space feel warm and intimate.


Sustainability is actions

Ecological sustainability plays a central role in Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. All buildings are made from Finnish wood, a material that has been sustainably produced and is a renewable building material. The green roof helps in managing urban runoff and brings the building’s footprint’s worth of vegetation back to the construction site. The wood on the interior surfaces of the suites creates a comfortable environment, maintains healthy indoor air and provides pleasing acoustic qualities.