Relaxing massage in the Arctic TreeHouse HotelRelaxing massage in the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel


Experience deep tranquility in our nest of coziness

Indulge yourself to a piece of heaven with our soothing and rejuvenating wellness treatments. Allow yourself special time during your stay pampering yourself to our nourishing facial treatments or relaxing massage in a restfull atmosphere.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturdays from 12.00 to 20.00 h | Mondays & Sundays Closed
Only 1 therapist available per session

Facial treatments

Winter Glow Facial Massage 30 min
90 € single person
Feel a fresh and pure winter glow on your skin with a rejuvenating facial massage that helps release tension and promotes a sense of calm and tranquility. This gentle technique includes skincare products harvested from the raw Nordic nature. Woods ingredients are extracted from natural plants, herbs, and nourishing berries  to strengthen and enrich the skin. Fresh, clean, organic and natural are keywords when describing the Nordic DNA of every product used. This luxurious lifting treatment will repair and hydrate to the vitality of your skin.


Touch of Indulgement

Syvä Hands Treatment 30 min
50 € Single person
Take the moment for yourself and pamper your hands with luxurious treatment that leaves your hands velvety soft. Treatment includes exfoliating and massage with an aromatic oil blend. The scrub removes tension, gives vitality and leaves your hands beautiful and soft.

Syvä foot treatment 30min
75 € single person
After a day spent with long walks exploring the beautiful cityof Rovaniemi, we will pamper your tired fee with a gentle relaxing ritual that will leave you walking on air. We will start the journey with a foot hydro bath, followed by an exfoliating treatment and a rejuvenating foot massage. Your journey to relaxation begins here.

For the body

Syvä Relaxing massage
149 € Single Person | 45 min

197 € Single Person | 60 min

295 € Single person | 90 min

Syvä relaxing massage revives the body and the spirit for a profound feeling of calm and relaxed. Relaxing massage releases the tension in muscles, stimulates the circulation and creates better night sleep and rest. The massaged will be done with a blend of aromatic oils with the options to also included 10 to 15 minutes on a Neurosonic bed. The Neurosonic bed uses low frequency vibrational and sound technology to relax and rejuvenate the nerve system of the body.

Syvä Deep Tissue Massage
149 € Single Person | 45 min

197 € Single Person | 60 min

295 € Single Person | 90 min

Release tension and tightness with a deep tissue massage combining slow strokes and notable pressure to release the tension and held deeply in your muscles and your connective tissues. Our deep tissue massage will focus on your primary areas of discomfort and relieve the knots.

Syvä Body treatment
295 € Single Person | 90 min

All your senses are invited to enjoy and surrender to blissfully total relaxation hands, feet and body experience. The journey will start with a session on a Neurosonic bed. This treatment includes low frequence vibrational and sound technology to relax and rejuvenate the nerve system of the body. This transcend experience will be followed by a hydro foot bath and lead into a cleansing and exfoliation of the face & body.

Neurosonic Technology
16 € Per Person | 10 min Relaxation
16 € Per Person | 10 min Power Nap
32 € Per Person | 20 to 25 min Relaxation
49 € Per Person | 39 min Relaxation
49 € Per Person | 36 min Recovery
67 € Per Person | 41 min Recovery
16 € Per Person | 12 min Activation
32 € Per Person | 24 min Activation
Neurosonic is a revolutionary state of the art Finnish designed wellness technology that soothes the autonomic nervous system. This technology uses low frequency vibration and music to reduces stress and radically improves sleep quality. Neurosonic is a specialism bed with noise canceling headphones that uses vibrations and music to rejuvenate the body. Sessions can be a shorter or longer sessions depending on the wellness goal. A portable Neurosonic bed can also be ordered to the hotel rooms. Only 1 guests can use this technology at a time in the wellness nest.


Syvä Wellness Nest Facilities
Include: 1 Couples Treatment Room
1 Single Treatment Room
*We can pamper maximum 1 guests at a time.
*Private massages can also be ordered to the hotel rooms.


Book your wellness treatments:

Guest Service Desk
+358 50 517 6909

Woman having facial treatment in Syva Wellness Nest in the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel