Magic of the seasons

Arctic nature can be extreme and the temperatures might change over 60 degree celsius in one year. The color of the nature changes from pure white to vivid green and into the beautiful autumn colors of yellow, red and orange. During the polar nights, in winter sun doesn’t rise above the horizon and soft darkness covers the explorer while stars are blinking on the sky in the middle of the day. Six months later the sun does not set, and guests may enjoy a romantic picnic in the middle of the night on bright day light on top of the Syväsenvaara hill next to the hotel.

A woman walking in the snow in Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Rovaniemi Lapland

Arctic Winter

Arctic winter has wonderful stages from the magical and dark polarnights of December to the crispy winter wonderland of January and February all the way for the shining sun on shimmering snow of March.

Sunny and crispy spring day at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Arctic Spring

Spring time is one of the happiest time in Lapland. Increasing sun light lifts up the spirit for everyone and fresh and pleasent tempreatures invites everyone to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

A woman enjoying a midnight sun at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Arctic Summer

Arctic summers have echanting beauty in them. The Midnight Sun and the white nights temptes to stay up at night and enjoy the new kind of way to spend night out.

A father and son exploring the autumn colors at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel Rovaniemi

Arctic Autumn

Not many people know that one of the most ideal months to witness Northern Lights are September and October. During arctic autumn you may enjoy the fest of autumn colors, flavours of the harvest season and the beautiful auroras dancing through the sky.