Arctic Winter

The extreme winters in Lapland keeps fascinating people around the globe. The glimmering white snow, dancing northern lights, mystique of the polar nights and the crispy pure air creates surroundings of real-life fairytale. After the active and fun day outdoors, it is wonderful to cover yourself under the warm blankets in your luxurious and nest-like suites.

Firends having fun in the snow and making snow angels in Lapland

Winter Packages

Our magical winter packages are about be created. Thank you for your patience, we will reveal them to you soon.

A man experiencing ice floating in Rovaniemi, Lapland | Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Winter Activities

Enjoy the winter wonderland in fairytale-like outdoors. Our extraordinary activities are about to revealed. Thank you for your patience.

A girl enjoying the northern lights from her own bed at Arctic TreeHouse Suite.

Northern lights

Northern light season lasts from end of August until the early April and most optimal time for catching them will be between in the night at 22-02. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel suites have been designed the way for guests to enjoy the dancing auroras from the comfort of their own bed. It is always good to keep in your mind northern lights are natural phenomena and can not be quaranteed, which acutally makes the magic even more meaningful. Luckily the beautiful arctic nights are wonderful experience also as they are.

Moon at the night sky at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Polar nights

Polar night - kaamos - is the time period when the sun does not rise above the horizon and soft and gentle darkness covers the Arctic areas. In Rovaniemi, the actual kaamos will last two days on 21.-22. December. The long lasting darkness covers the day time for several months at winter time and the stars in the sky can be admired even at the daytime with a clear sky.

A woman walking in the snow at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Increasing sun light

After the extraordinary polar nights, the darkness starts to retreat for the increasing sun light. After the 22 of December, the sunlight starts slowly increase every day and during mid February guests can enjoy winter activities in daylight and the starry sky at night. Take the snowshes on your feet and get into the forest around the hotel, you might even need sunglasses since the snow makes the day feel even brighter.

Sunday written in snow


In average, the permanent snow covers the ground by the end of November, but naturally there are some variety between the years. April is considered still as a snowy month, but then the shining sun starts to warm and melt the snow during the day time and the amount of snow decreases the closer the May get. Many times there might still be some snow in beginning of May as well.

A man admiring the northern lights at Syväsenvaara behind the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Cold temperatures

Within a year temperatures in Lapland might vary over 60 Celsius degrees. The average winter temperatures are in December - 11 °C, January -13 °C, February -12 °C and in March -8 °C. During January the daily temperatures might stay between -30 ° C — -15 °C. Remember to dress in layers, natural materials against the skin - like merino wool - are warmly recommended. Woollen socks and shirts under the overalls keep you warm when outside during the frosties frost.