Extraordinary Activities

Are you looking for a wilderness adventure beneath the wondrous Northern Lights, or perhaps an unforgettable visit to the fairytale world of Christmas? Our experience packages include arctic activities that are sure to make your holiday one you will never forget. We have made all the preparations in advance; you need do nothing more than simply enjoy.

We are part of the Film Friendly network, developed by Finnish Lapland Film Commission.

Wine tasting experience in the northern forest | Arctic Treehouse Hotel

Forest x Wine

After a brief mindfulness nature walk, we arrive to our hidden forest wine bar where we invite you to take part in a wine tasting journey and explore a rich variety of flavours as your senses become immersed in the natural elements around you.

Forest Yoga experience in Lapland

Forest x Wellness

Unwind and recharge with us during a two-hour private wellness experience taking place in the pristine forest environment just behind Arctic TreeHouse Hotel.

Summer picnic under the midnight sun | Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Midnight Sun Picnic Basket

Private dining

We are happy to arrange a romantic dinner or intimate festive moment for you; our premises and surroundings are guaranteed to make your experience extraordinarily special.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel complimentary activities

Complimentary activities

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel offers complimentary activities for our guests to explore the northern nature.

Dream of Joulukka

Christmas fairytale

Santa Claus Secret Forest is an exclusive destination where you can experience the true magic of Christmas. The unique surroundings and our enchanting programs, conducted with uncompromising expertise and world-renowned Christmas know-how, are guaranteed to delight even guests with the highest standards.