Traditional Lappish Sauna Experience – Private Sessions

Available year around*


Step into our specially designed wood sauna cabin, constructed from premium quality, hand-picked wood. The soothing aroma of natural wood immediately transports you to a state of tranquillity, inviting you to embark on an authentic journey into the heart of Lappish sauna culture.

Our wood sauna offers a unique and traditional approach to a holistic wellness experience, combining the therapeutic benefits of heat therapy with the calming ambience of a natural setting. The wood sauna is carefully heated to the optimal temperature, promoting improved blood circulation and helping eliminate toxins from your body. Enhance your sauna experience with optional aroma infusions, where fragrant essential oils mingle with the steam, providing an additional layer of relaxation. Choose from various forest-inspired scents, including pine, eucalyptus, or cedarwood.

The refreshing feeling for your body is accompanied by a cool down amid scenic views from the outdoor terrace between the sauna sessions. Or, if you feel adventurous, you can even dip into the fresh snow – but then go back into the soft heat of the sauna. Did you know that Finns may do this back-and-forth motion for hours? Lastly, complete your sauna experience with a traditional and purifying cleansing ritual by pouring water from the wash basin. In our cosy lounge, unwind with a refreshing wellness drink and small snacks.

What’s included

  • Private session in wood heated sauna
  • Sauna host
  • Wellness drink, water and small snacks
  • Sauna scents
  • Bathrobe, towels & slippers
  • Bodywash, shampoo & conditioner
  • Pick up and drop off service from your room

Price for private session: 199 € / 1-2 persons, extra person 25 € / person
Duration: 2 hours 

Please note

This experience is only for the guests of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel.

Book your experience by latest 1 day in advance. Last minute bookings are subject to availability.

Wood heated steam room, authentic lounge area/changing room, outdoor terrace. Perfect for 2 persons but can accommodate up to 3-4 persons.
Kindly notice that there is no running water/shower or toilet in the sauna.

All guests agree to participate in this activity at their own risk. Please consult your doctor if you have any medical condition that could potentially be triggered by taking a sauna (for example, a heart condition, asthma, epilepsy, or a cardiovascular disease).

More information and booking your activity or through below contact form
+358 600 301 203 (1,50€ / min + local charge, including wait time)

If you are in-house guest in Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, please contact Guest Service Team
+358 50 517 6909

*Please be advised that from 1.5.2024, to 30.7.2024, the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel will be available exclusively for private bookings.

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