Sustainable Arctic TreeHouse Hotel has beautiful green roofs on top of Arctic TreeHouse Suites.Sustainable Arctic TreeHouse Hotel has beautiful green roofs on top of Arctic TreeHouse Suites.

We Grow from the Forest

The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel embodies a lifelong commitment to nature, blending cherished childhood memories with an unwavering dedication to sustainability and ecological care.

Childhood Inspirations Fueling Sustainability

In the embrace of the forest where our younger selves once played, crafting käpylehmäs – or as the Englishmen term them, pine cone piggies – we found an unbreakable bond with nature. This profound connection became the very foundation upon which the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel was built. Our respect for nature, combined with a nod to our heritage, underpins the ethos of sustainability that permeates every facet of our operations. It’s not just about operating a hotel; it’s about championing sustainability in every decision we make. Ensuring that our daily actions preserve the delicate Arctic environment is paramount to our mission, allowing future generations to marvel at its untouched beauty.

Honoring our Heritage

Our commitment to the earth and our heritage is not merely a statement but a guiding force behind every operation and action we undertake. The fragility of the Arctic’s ecosystem drives us to ensure that our every day contributes to preserving this natural wonder for the generations that follow.

A Mark of Eco-Generation

Our dedication to promoting a sustainable future has not gone unnoticed. For four consecutive years, the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel has been honored with the Green Key eco-label, a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental excellence. This continuous recognition underscores our position as a beacon in the realm of sustainable hospitality. Additionally, our efforts have been consistently acknowledged with the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) award for several years running. These accolades are not just badges to display but symbolize our deep-seated dedication to pioneering eco-conscious practices and setting industry benchmarks. Through these recognitions, we reaffirm our vow to lead by example in championing a green legacy for generations to come.

Rooted in Ecological Sustainability

The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel showcases a reverence for the ecological sustainability of both materials and technological integrations. Structures crafted from Finnish wood, a symbol of tradition and renewable sustenance, echo our commitment. By building our units elsewhere and subsequently placing them on poles, we minimize forest disturbance.

Green Roofs and Interiors

Our innovative green roofs manage urban runoff and reintroduce vegetation to the site. Moreover, with wood accentuating our interiors, guests are enveloped in an ambiance of comfort, purified indoor air, and harmonious acoustics.

Planting for the Future

As stewards of both tradition and the environment, our family-led establishment has a vision. Every year, we actively replenish the forest, planting between 5,000 to 10,000 new seedlings.

Harnessing Sustainable Energies

Our resolve to refine our carbon footprint is unwavering. Pioneering efforts in Finland see us utilizing geothermal and solar thermal energy sources.

Culinary Commitments

Within the Arctic’s embrace, we craft seasonal menus that minimize food waste and spotlight local ingredients. Aiming to locally source 65% of our primary ingredients, we strengthen regional sustainability.

Partnering with Purpose

Our commitment to ecological mindfulness is shared with stakeholders, partners, and a chosen network of subcontractors resonating with our values.

Inspiring Through Example

Every team member at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is a beacon of our green mission. Through their dedication, we hope to show guests the harmonious coexistence of sustainability and luxury.



Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Tarvantie 3
96300 Arctic Circle, Finland
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