Arctic Summer

Find the hidden gem of Lapland – the beautiful and mystical summer nights. Finns adore the short summer season and no wonder. The Arctic summer is a unique and awe-inspiring season, where the sun never sets and the world is bathed in a constant glow. We warmly welcome you to experience the summer of your lifetime.

A couple enjoing the MidNight Sun at and entering Arctic TreeHouse Hotel Suite at Rovaniemi, Lapland

Arctic Summer packages

We have created a beautiful selection of the finest beauties of Arctic summers in our ready-created summer packages. Which one would fit for you?

Romantic Midnight Sun picnic at the summer forest at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Arctic Summer activities

The summer nature of Lapland attracts to stay outside even during the night time. It is a happy season with lots of adventures waiting for to be experienced.

A man and a woman practising mindfullness in a northern forest.

Wellbeing August

On this August, we will concentrate on wellbeing and arctic happiness, that rises from the northern nature. We are delighted to offer our guests complimentary, guided activities included to the room rate. Concentrate on yourself and book your relaxing visit.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel suite with midnight sun

Midnight sun

The midnight sun is a stunning natural phenomenon that occurs in northern part of the globe during the summer months, where the sun remains visible even at midnight. As the clock strikes twelve and the world falls into slumber, the midnight sun casts its golden glow across the sky. During summersoltice the Sun does not set behind the horizon on 21. and 22. June, but the magical period of Midnight sun lasts from 6. June until 7. July.

Couple enjoying of the white nights during July in Rovaniemi, Arctic TreeHouse Hotel Harri Tarvainen

White nights

After the official period of the Midnight Sun, the nights continue to be light until the early August. These magical White Nights invites you to explore the beautiful surroundings even during the middle of the night.

Salmon dish in Rakas Restaurant

Fresh flavours

After the arctic ground is not deep frozen anymore, the nature starts to blossom with many fresh and fascinating flavours. Our award-winning Rakas Restaurant celebrates the northern ingredients with seasonally changing menu and summer is filled many flavours to enjoy on plate. Did you know that many berries, like the end of summer growing blueberries are natural super food and have many good nutritions? Taste the pure, arctic summer on your visit.

A woman in the arms of the beloved one on a terrace of the cabin.

Mild and pleasent temperatures

Summers in Lapland are pleasent, the air is soft and gentle, as warm summer breezes caress the skin. The temperature is just right, not too hot, not too cold, but just perfect for a lazy afternoon under the sun. In average, the daytime temperatures might vary on June between 15° — 20° C, on July between 20 — 25 °C and on August 10 — 20 °C.

Rakas Restaurant in the summer evening in Rovaniemi

Soft evenings of August with Northern Lights

August is lovely month in Lapland, there is still summer vibes that starts slowly turn in to autumn. At the end of August, Northern Light season starts, and you might be able to enjoy the majestic Auroras dancing through the skies in gentle summer breeze.