Arctic Spring

Nothing lifts the spirit the way as arctic spring. The increasing sunlight and the fresh, beautiful nature waking alive again after the long winter while birds are singing for the happiness of their arrival. Feel the energy bubbling as you inhale the pure air and the scent of the northern nature. There is no rush, just the moment and the wonderful feeling of not needing to rush anywhere.
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Spring sun is shining at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel Rovaniemi, Lpaland

Spring Packages

Enjoy the handpicked selection of the finest details and activities in happy and sunny Spring-Lapland.

Arctic Floating under the northern sky in Rovaniemi Finland.

Spring activities

Inhale the fresh and crispy air, float among the ice while spring sun is touching your face.

Spring sun shines in the northern forest.

Nature bathing in sunlight

Excitement and energy is bursting in you when waking up with spring sun. After the magical polar nights, the sun light starts to increase, first slowly - just couple of minutes per day and as we are getting closer the summer the sun light covers Lapland. Sun light on white snow is might be so brigth that sunglasses are recommended.

Beautiful northern lights in Lapland dancing in the sky.

Northern Lights

One of the most ideal time of the year to witness Northern Lights is end of March. Around the spring equanox, the northern lights are more likely to accure since the Earth is tilted towards the Sun in correct position. Northern lights can be witnessed until the early April.