Arctic Autumn

Autumn is an ideal season to enjoy nature, outdoor activities and experience the beauty of foliage changing color. As the warmth of summer gives way to the chill of autumn, Lapland is transformed into a magical wonderland of color and flavours. The nature with oranges, yellows, and reds, are a sight to behold, painting the landscape in a riot of color and texture. The air is crisp and cool, invigorating the senses and filling the lungs with the purest of air. Forest is filled with delicious arctic superfoods ready to be harvested. Northern light season start at the end of August and autumn is the only season when Northern ligths can amaze you in double, as they can be reflected from the water.

Beautiful autumn colors at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel Lapland.

Autumn packages

Our magical autumn packages are about be created. Thank you for your patience, we will reveal them to you soon.

Blueberry picking at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Autumn Activities

Enjoy the fresh autumn weather outdoors. Our extraordinary activities are about to revealed. Thank you for your patience.

Northern lights above water in autumn in Rovaniemi Finland. Beyond Arctic/ Juho Uutela

Northern Lights

Autumn is one of the best seasons to enjoy Northern Lights. The season begins in late August and continues until early April. September and October are one of the ideal months to be mesmerized by the beauty of auroras. The big windows of Arctic TreeHouse Suites are facing towards northern sky and allows to witness possibly something special from comfort of your own bed.

Autumn foliage in Rovaniemi Finland.

Autumn Foliage

When the temperatures are getting colder you will see how the leaves change their colors to yellow, orange, red and brown. This phenomenon is called autumn foliage or "Ruska" in Finnish. Due to cold weather and decrease of natural light nature stops the process of photosynthesis in trees, plants and shrubs and creates beautiful colors to our surrounding nature.

Outdoor activities in autumn in Rovaniemi Finland. chloehelenmiles

Enjoy the Outdoors

Fresh autumn weather is perfect for outdoor activities in the nature. Temperatures are mild and comfortable and there is still great amount of daylight to explore different activities. See how the nature slowly prepares itself for the winter and discover the beauty of the season.

Woman picking mushrooms from the forest in Rovaniemi Finland.

Harvesting from nature

Delve into the forest, while you relax your senses and surround yourself with the sounds of nature, as you walk through the purest air in the world and search for wild mushrooms.

Beautiful frost covering the scenery at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Frosty mornings

The days begin to grow shorter as the mornings begin to show little signs of the icy night temperatures. Creating frosty mornings with a crispness in the air, perfect for enjoying a walk in the surroundings and awakening the senses.

Arctic TreeHouse suites in the snowfall in Rovaniemi Finland.

The first snow

The first snow falls in average around mid October. The time of the first snow is magical as the nature has been covered with this tender veil, before the daylight and the warmth of Sun melts it to wait the frostyer time.