Experience deep tranquility in our nest of coziness

Indulge yourself to a piece of heaven with our soothing and rejuvenating wellness treatments. Allow yourself special time during your stay pampering yourself to our nourishing facial treatments or relaxing massage in a restfull atmosphere.

Our opening hours are Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00 to 20.00
Monday and Tuesday is closed

To ensure maximum relaxation and privacy, Syvä Wellness Nest can pamper only a maximum of 1 guest per session.

You are welcome to choose the treatment of your desire. In doubt, please let our professional therapist suggest the best treatment for your skin goals.

Facial treatments

Winter Glow Lifting treatment 265 € | 70 min

Feel a fresh and pure winter glow on your skin. A luxurious lifting, repairing and hydrating treatment to restore the vitality of your skin.

Winter Glow Deep-cleansing 220 € | 70 min

Nurture your skin with deep-moisturizing and -cleansing. The invigorating treatment cleanses the skin and balances sebum secretion.

Winter Glow Rejuvenating 240 € | 70 min

Calm and unwind around the treatment that deep-moisturizes, renews and brightens your spirits and the skin. An effective treatment that leaves your skin glowing with infinite beauty. The treatment is also done for the hands. After the pampering you’ll be feeling invogorated, revived and restored.

Winter Glow Gentleman 195 € | 60 min

Winter Glow Gentleman is a special treatment created for pampering men. Nurture your skin with moisturizing treatment that cleanses the skin and leaves the feeling of fresh winter glow.

Touch of Indulgement

Syvä treatment for hands 85 € | 25–30 min

Take the moment for yourself and pamper your hands with luxorious treatment that leaves your hands velvety soft. Treatment includes exfoliating and massage with an aromatic oil blend. The scrub removes tension, gives vitality and leaves your hands beautiful and soft.

Syvä treatment for feet 85 € | 25–30min

Spoil yourself with Syvä treatment for feet where the soles of the feet are cleaned and the exfoliating gel is left to work on the feet. The cell is removed, the soles of the feet are pampered with a foot rasp and moisturised with luxurious feet lotion.

For the body

Syvä Body treatment 265 € | 70 min

All your senses are invited to enjoy and surrender to blissfully balancing experience. The treatment leaves the skin velvety soft, exfoliated with a 100 % organic exfoliating agent and then massaged with an aromatic oil blend. The scrub removes tension and gives vitality.

Syvä Relaxing massage 185 € | 60 min

Take the time to promote the balance of your holistic wellbeing. This full body massage using light to medium pressure sooths the muscles and relaxes mind and stimulates circulation, while easing tension and stress to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Syvä Relaxing massage 140 € | 45 min

Syvä relaxing massage revives the body and the spirit for a profound feeling of calm and relaxed. Classic massage releases the tension in muscles, stimulates the circulation and creates better night sleep and rest.

You can indulge yourself to a high quality care products for your beauty in our store,
from Guinot, the luxurious parisian skincare alternative to aesthetic medicine.


Classic Lashes 195 € | approx. 90 min

Classic eyelash extensions, Xtreme lashes

Classic lashes aftercare & maintenance 105 € | approx. 60 min

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