Savour the Arctic with E-snowmobiles

Savour the Arctic with E-snowmobiles

Available 15.11.-30.11.2024* | 1.12.2024 – 12.1.2025

*Kindly note that November departures are fully weather conditions permitted (snow related activities).

Enjoy this adventurous tour in pure Lappish nature with the pleasant silence of electric snowmobiles. E-snowmobile is a sustainable way to experience the Arctic without disturbing the peace of wintry nature.

Our professional snowmobile guide will meet you at the hotel’s reception, where you will start the journey by car to a secret location deep in the wilderness. Once there, you will receive all the necessary equipment for snowmobiling, and together, we will go through all the safety and driving instructions before taking off. Each guest gets to experience driving by own electric snowmobile.

While enjoying the smooth ride of the amazing e-sno*Kindly note that November departures are fully weather conditions permitted (snow related activities).wmobile, you have a chance to admire Arctic Nature at its best. Following the variable track by the frozen lake, snowy forest, and vast marshlands, we stop by a wooden hut halfway through for a little break. Sipping warm drinks and just relaxing for a while at the amazing wintry scenery.

After the break, we will drive back to our starting point and take the car transfer to the hotel.

What’s included

  • Guiding in English
  • Needed transfers by minibus
  • Driving gear (a helmet and warm outdoor clothing)
  • E-snowmobile safari (approx. 1-1,5 hours driving)
  • Warm drinks
  • Small group departures guaranteed (max 8 persons)

172 € / person, when 2  persons/ snowmobile
222 € / person, when single snowmobiles

Private experience upon request:
1272 € /1-8 persons, 2 persons/ snowmobile or 1-4 persons single snowmobiles

Duration: 3 hours (including the transfer time)

Please note

We do not recommend this activity for people with back problems or moms-to-be. This activity is for adults only.

Each person driving a snowmobile must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driving license (B). Please remember to take your driving license with you.

Snowmobile driver is held liable for any damages caused to the vehicle. Personal self-liability is max. 1500 €/person/snowmobile/case of accident.

The minimum number of participants required for this activity is two paying guests.

More information and booking your activity or through below contact form
+358 600 301 203 (1,50€ / min + local charge, including wait time)

If you are in-house guest in Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, please contact Guest Service Team
+358 50 517 6909

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